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Can you steam clam eggs?

1: soak the clam in light salt water for more than 2 hours in advance, put a proper amount of sesame oil in the water, let it spit out the sediment, and clean the clam surface with a brush.

2: Put ginger slices and clams in the water and boil them. Cook the clams until they are opened and remove them immediately. The opening times of clams vary. Remove the clams in time, or they will become old.

3: Put the clams into a steaming bowl. Remove the ginger slices from the clam water and cool them for use.

4: Beat up the eggs, add salt and cold to warm clam water, mix well, eggs: clam water = 1:1. Clam itself has a salty taste. When you don't need to add salt to the egg liquid, you can pour some soy sauce. It will taste better.

5: Sift the egg and pour into the clam steaming bowl. The steamed egg custard can remove the single leaf foams and impurities and make the egg custard steaming more delicate (without sieve).

6: Put it on the steaming bowl and steam for about 5 minutes.

Tips for making steamed clam eggs:

1. Clam put in the basin with light salt water, put a few drops of sesame oil in the water, let clam spit quickly.

2. Or put some nails in the water, and clams will spit more sand.

3. Put the clam into a strong bag, and shake the bag hard after binding the mouth. The clam will spit sand.