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The temptation of color

1. All raw materials can be cut into small dice about the same size as corn grains. Mix lean meat with a little salt and a tablespoon of starch, and then put in a tablespoon of oil to mix and seal the oil evenly;

2. Drop a little oil into the boiling water, first put in the beans and carrots, cook for three or five seconds, then put in the corn, blanch for about 8 seconds, and then fish out together (no need to blanch the green melon);

3. Put a little lard in the pot, fry it over low heat and remove the oil residue;

4. Pour in the fresh vegetable, stir fry for a while, mix in the salt and put it in reserve;

5. Put a little oil in the hot pot, pour in the diced meat, and slide until the diced meat is white and just cooked;

6. Transfer in a few drops of Laoxie for coloring;

7. Then pour back the fresh vegetables and stir fry them evenly to get out of the pot;

8. Wash the outside of the pepper with salt water, and cut off the top with a clean chopping board and knife as the cover and core;

9. Put in the fried dishes and serve them