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Home made old Beijing brand fried noodles with sauce

Usually the editor pays more attention to some foreign variety shows, many of which have mentioned the old Beijing's signature fried noodles with sauce. It's very easy to make this by yourself, as long as you learn the sauce formula.


1. First mix the noodles, put some alkali noodles and salt in the flour. Small rubbing of salty noodles is enough. Don't do too much. When the time comes, spit out the white foam, mix it well, and then put an egg. It also plays the role of Jindao. Mix it well, then add a little water and put it on. During this period, knead it several times to form a smooth dough.

2. Soak the soybeans and green things six hours in advance. If you don't have time, you can soak them in boiling water for an hour. Then put a large amount of pepper and a little salt to cook them soft and fragrant. Cut cucumber and thyme into shreds, cut celery into grains and blanch them, and put the bean sprouts in place respectively.

3. Diced Pork with minced pork. The old Beijing fried sauce is fried with Diced Pork. No meat filling is needed. Mix the yellow sauce with water. Don't be too thin. It's thick.

4. Pour the oil in a pot. It needs more oil. As for the fried sauce, it needs more oil. Otherwise, it will not smell. Stir the diced meat after the oil is hot, and then add one green onion, ginger and seasoning. Cook the cooking wine to improve the flavor, and then stir it a few times to get the oil.

5. Boil down the sauce, turn on a big fire, and then turn a small fire to boil slowly. When you boil it, you need to have small bubbles. Remember, keep stirring the bottom with a shovel, or stick the pot, put sugar in it, neutralize a salty taste, and boil it for about 10 minutes. When you put it in a bowl, the oil will slowly float up to seal the sauce, so it's OK 。