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How to mix seaweed and bean jelly

I don't know if you have eaten seaweed jelly at ordinary times. It's a unique delicacy in Qingdao. It's a kind of food similar to pectin, especially like Henan jelly. Compared with Henan jelly, seaweed jelly has more dietary fiber and seaweed polysaccharide, which is of great benefit to our body. As for mixing, it's also very simple.

Old vinegar sea jelly method:

1. Take out the cold powder and wash it, cut it into 2cm cubes, cut the pickles, carrots and cilantro into powder, and press the garlic into mud.

2. Add other seasonings to the mashed garlic and stir well. Sprinkle the salted vegetable, carrot and coriander on the bean jelly.

3. Pour in the sauce and mix well.