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Not to mention the sumptuous and praiseworthy home style meat cutting practice

I usually share a lot of meat with you in the way of braised pork. Today's taro is not a very fat one. The fried taro looks a little gorgeous.


1. Wash streaky pork and put it into the pot. Add enough water and cook until it is seven ripe. Remove the water and drain it. Spread it on the table with a little old soy sauce and use a bamboo stick to prick some holes in the skin.

2. Peel and wash taro, cut it into 0.5cm thick slices, then fry it in oil pan until it is yellowish, and then fish it out.

3. Put the minced pork into the oil pan, fry until golden yellow, take it out and immerse it in cold water, soak until the skin of the meat is wrinkled, and cut the minced pork into 0.5cm thick slices.

4. Chop garlic and octagonal. Mix tofu milk, garlic, octagonal powder, cooking wine, raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, salt, sugar and oil to make sauce.

5. Put the cut pork slices and taro slices into the sauce, mix well, then put the meat slices and taro slices in a large bowl with the skin facing down and the taro slices alternately, pour in the remaining sauce, steam in the steamer for 60 minutes, until the meat slices and taro slices are soft and rotten, take them out and buckle them in the plate.

6. Pour the stewed broth into the wok, add a little water and soy sauce to boil, mix in the water starch to thicken the sauce, pour over the stewed meat.