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Squid dumpling for innovation

Can squid make dumplings? How to make dumplings with leek and squid stuffing? No matter how we forget the old Chinese new year, it's indispensable to eat dumplings. We used to eat leek pork, celery, radish, mushrooms and so on. Today, I'd like to share a fresh dumpling method with leek and squid dumplings.


1. Cut the streaky pork into thin slices and then cut them into thin slices. Remove the head and internal organs of the squid, then peel off the skin of the squid and wash it.

2. Cut the squid into small pieces and put them into the blender to make mud (it can also be cut into mud with a knife, or it is easy to use the blender). Wash the leek and control the water content and cut it into small pieces.

3. Put minced meat and minced fish in a basin, release the raw material, stir it evenly with water of hops and peppers, and then stir 150g of water into minced meat and minced fish in several times (remember to beat it in one direction, because it's afraid that the water absorption of minced meat is different, wait until the minced meat is stirred vigorously).

4. Put the leek in, then put the vegetable oil and the stirred meat puree, and mix them evenly. Finally, put the salt and mix them evenly. Roll the dough cutter into the skin and pack the stuffing, and cook it well, then you can eat it beautifully.