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How to make the simplest stewed eggs with agaric

How to make the stewed eggs with agaric? The stewed eggs should be one of the long-term household dishes when we eat noodles. For example, the stewed eggs with tomato, pepper and today's Stewed eggs with agaric are very delicious.

1. Wash the pepper and cut it into pieces, break up the eggs, prepare the minced meat (streaky pork), and cut the chopped scallion and ginger.

2. Put the oil in the pot into the egg liquid and stir it quickly with chopsticks. After it solidifies, it will be broken into pieces and then put out.

3. Put vegetable oil in the pot, add minced meat and stir fry to change color and pour in soy sauce. Common soybean soy sauce is OK. You can also use raw soy sauce or seasoned soy sauce, so the color is good.

4. Stir in chopped scallion, ginger and pepper. Pour in a bowl of soup or water. Season with pepper powder and salt (salty, so noodles won't taste stale). Thicken with starch after boiling.

5. Boil the soup thick. The marinated soup is a bit like a thick congee. Pour it on the noodles and mix well.