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Simple and salty noodle soup

Have you ever eaten the noodle soup? In many places, there are mixed soup. It's our noodle soup, which gathers all kinds of ingredients and is very digestible. Today's noodle soup is a little novel to share.


1. First knead a hard dough, knead it and then put it for half an hour.

2. Add a proper amount of water into the basin, and knead the dough with your hands continuously. The starch will gradually dissolve from the dough into the water, and the dough will be crushed completely, and the water will turn white.

3. Wash red persimmon, peel and dice; soak soybeans, peanuts and vermicelli in hot water to soften; wash and dice Lentinus edodes; soak broccoli and agaric in warm water, remove roots and chop; wash and dice spinach, garlic sprouts and green onions; dry clean tofu and dice, wash carrots and dice; chop walnuts for standby.

4. Heat a proper amount of oil to 60%, add chopped green onion and chopped garlic, stir fry until fragrant, then successively add diced carrot, dried tofu, mushroom, agaric, cauliflower, chopped spinach, chopped walnut, stir fry evenly, then add chopped tomato, stir fry until the soup is out, then mix in salt, sauce oil, chicken essence for seasoning.

5. Put the soaked soybeans and peanuts into the soup pot and cook them soft, then put the soft noodles and spinach leaves into the pot and cook them slightly, then slowly pour the batter into the pot and stir it side by side until it is transparent, pour in the egg liquid and stir it into the egg flower shape.

6. Add all kinds of fried vegetables into the paste, stir well, and finally add salt, soy sauce and chicken essence to taste.