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Tomato fish slice soup is delicious and helps you prevent cold

What do you eat to prevent cold in winter? Cold and dry winter itself is prone to cold and lung heat. Today, I would like to share a delicious food for you to effectively prevent cold while replenishing nutrition.

Tomato fillet soup

1. Peel tomatoes, cut tofu into small pieces, cut into pieces for use, remove the head and tail of black fish, and the large fish bones, and wash them for use.

2. The rest of the fish body along the direction of the fishbone into butterfly slices (when slice, the fish meat is upward, the fish skin is downward, the first knife does not cut the fish skin, and sanalyn's second knife will cut the butterfly slices).

3. Wash the sliced fish, mix with cooking wine, salt, black pepper, egg white and starch, marinate for more than 1 hour (the marinating time is too short, the fish is not tasty, not delicious, with egg white and starch, the fish will become tender and smooth).

4. Saute onion, ginger and garlic in oil pan, stir fry fish head, fish tail and fish bone until the fish turns white. Add a little water and heat to boil.

5. Heat until the soup turns white, then turn it into a casserole, add the diced tomatoes and some water, and then turn to medium heat (there are big bubbles in the pot, so that the nutrition of tomatoes can be boiled into the soup).

6. About half an hour later, add tofu to boil, and add salt and sugar to taste. Turn to medium low heat and cook for about half an hour.

7. Put the marinated fish slices and sanaline into the hot soup, and quickly disperse them. Turn off the fire after the fish slices turn white (the fish slices will be old after a long time, which will affect the taste).