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The simplest way to make glutinous rice lotus root

I often see people buying that kind of glutinous rice lotus root on the street. I found a recipe on the Internet and made a white glutinous rice lotus root for lazy people. I changed the steps, but it seems that the one I made is better.


1. Wash glutinous rice and soak in water for 2-3 hours. Wash lotus root and remove its skin.

2. Use a knife to cut two or three centimeters off one end of the lotus root and the lotus root base, and keep it as a cover. Fill in the lotus root with the soaked glutinous rice. While filling, use chopsticks to make it stronger.

3. Put the glutinous rice in the lotus root's eyes, cover the lotus root's cap, fix the seal with toothpick, and prepare the seasoning and dates for boiling lotus root.

4、 Put the glutinous rice lotus root into the pot, pour clear water into the lotus root, put brown sugar and red dates in it, boil it in a large fire, and then boil it in a small fire for half an hour.

5. Half an hour later, put in the ice sugar and cook it over a small fire for about a quarter of an hour. The boiled glutinous rice lotus root can be sliced and eaten after being taken out for a little air cooling. When eating it, pour the honey mixed with sweet osmanthus and honey on it. It's delicious.