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The most delicious northern pasta is very popular

The most distinctive northern pasta cat ear used to be called a simplified version of pasta. I don't think it's very skillful and distinctive in my opinion. I don't say much about the other three ways to make delicious cat ears.

1、 When we hear the name "cat's ears", we will add some grains as the name implies, so the proportion is very important. We usually mix them according to the proportion of white flour: corn flour: soybean flour: 3:1:1, which is not only good in taste, but also easy to bond. Of course, a small amount of salt can be added to the noodles for the sake of tendons.

2、 Rub the cat's ears to take out a small piece of dough, and then press the small dough with your thumb to rub forward to form a hollow roll like the shape of the cat's ears. If you like beautiful patterns, you can put them on the bamboo curtain just like me. Pay attention not to press the dough too hard, and do not rub it forward with great force, or it will stick to your fingers;

3、 Stir fry cat ears, stir fry cat ears is also very simple, mainly to add color, nutrient rich ingredients, pay attention to the order of putting, stir fry the meat first, and then put other ingredients in stir fry by the way.