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It's also important to have a nice skin

I can't stand the stomach of running around every day. I went home to my aunt's dinner last night. I don't think there is any red heart radish that is so delicious when it's cold mixed. It's better to eat it with the skin. It's a good thing.

Crispy radish skin in cold sauce


1. Wash the radish repeatedly, remove the root and head, and slice the radish skin with a knife. When slicing, take a little radish meat with you, not too thin.

2. Cut the radish slices into silk. Add salt to the bowl and stir well for 15 minutes.

3. The pickled shredded radish will produce juice, which will be squeezed out. Add rice vinegar to the shredded radish and mix well.

4. Add sugar and mix well. Pour some oil into the pot. Heat the oil and stir fry the pepper.

5. Put the turnip into the plate and sprinkle sesame on it. Pour the hot oil from the pepper on the radish.