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How to make cured fish

How to make preserved fish? It's a good time to make preserved fish in winter. The method of salting preserved fish and preserved meat are basically the same. I usually develop them together when the stomach is convenient. You can compare them to see what's different.


1. Cut the pork into about 10 cm wide strips. Cut the fish from the belly to the back, but don't cut them;

2. Stir fry salt, pepper, cinnamon, star anise and other spices in the pot (add about 7 liang of salt to 10 jin fish or meat, and other seasonings according to your taste)

3. Spread the salt and seasoning evenly on the meat and fish, put them into wooden utensils or pots, and cover them with lids.

4. In two or three days, turn the meat and fish up and down. The raw materials can be taken out of the utensils in a week or so.

5. Then put the pickled meat and fish on the rope and hang them in the ventilated place, let them air dry naturally. Ten days later, the cured meat was successful.