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Can fresh fish liver be eaten? The family practice of nourishing healthy fish liver

Can fresh fish liver be eaten? Of course, it can be eaten. The best and most nutritious fish liver is Ankang fish. You may also know that foie gras is the highest in the nutrition field, and the only one next to foie gras is Ankang fish liver. It seems that people can't look good. The real thing is Ankang fish. Share the most common practice of fish liver.


1. Chop fish liver and add egg, ginger powder, cooking wine and pepper to marinate and smell.

2. Cut up the dried chilli, heat the pan with a little oil, put in the chilli and onion, stir fry until fragrant, stir fry the fish liver mud quickly until discolored.

3. Turn off the heat, put in the prepared leeks, stir fry them, then season them.