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The secret of three delicacies tofu and meat is all in the stomach

The family originally wanted to eat tofu and stir fried meat. There was no stock of shredded meat at home, so they had to use the leftover meat dumpling stuffing from yesterday. It must be impossible to stir fry. But take some time to put it into the pickle. Why is it difficult to create a fake image with heaven and earth in it?

Production of three fresh tofu bubbles:

1. Put ginger, salt, cornflour, soy sauce, pepper and other seasonings into the minced meat, stir in one direction with chopsticks, marinate for ten minutes.

2. Open the beancurd bubble and put the marinated meat in the middle of the beancurd bubble. In the same way, put the meat in the middle of other beancurd bubbles.

3. Prepare other ingredients, cut the bamboo shoots and mushrooms into pieces, tear the black fungus into small pieces, cut the onions and ginger into shreds, and cut the shallots into pieces.

4. Paste the bean curd on the cut, heat the pot and add some oil.

5. Put the flour side down into the oil pan, fry it for a while, and let the bean curd bubble to shape.

6. Stir fry the bean curd with the remaining oil in the pan and stir fry with ginger and onion.

7. Stir fry the flavor, add the prepared bamboo shoots, mushrooms and black fungus slices together and stir fry for several times.

8. Add in the bean curd and stir fry. Add in some cooking wine. Add in some water and cook.

9. Heat to collect the juice, add some salt, pepper and other seasonings into the plate, and sprinkle the chopped shallot on it.