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The ideal dish in the heart of pepper silver carp women

How to make pepper silver carp? Silver carp can be said to be one of the favorite seafood for women. Silver carp and beauty and fitness are integrated. Dry and rough skin can also be greatly improved through it. It is a very healthy collagen fish

Spicy silver carp method:

1. Cut the fish's belly, wash all the attachments in the belly, cut into small pieces and mix them with bean powder and salt.

2. Material 1: slice ginger, garlic (or crush) bean, soy sauce and sugar in the same bowl. Material 2: cut the dried pepper into sections and put the pepper in another bowl. Material preparation 3: slicing section with scallion.

3. Heat the cooking oil in the pot until it is eight minutes hot. Pour the preparation 1 into the pot and stir fry slowly. Stir until it is bright, then add the soup or water (the water is suitable for drowning the fish).

4. Boil over medium heat for a few minutes, then pour in the fish and cook for 7 or 8 minutes. Add in the pastry pepper, pepper powder, monosodium glutamate and scallion, mix well and start the pot.