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Delicious fruit, egg and sailboat for babies who don't like eating

My baby doesn't like eating and eggs. It's a problem for me and many moms. It's hard for him to have a good meal every time. He made the following fruit and egg sailboat with all his heart. When he made it, his eyes always looked here. He really ate a lot when he ate it, mainly because the yolk I gave him was clean.

1. Wash the 3 eggs, fill the pot with cold water, put the eggs in the pot, and boil them over high fire. It is said that the egg yolk can be stabilized in the center of the egg by stirring the egg with a wooden spoon from time to time during the boiling process.

2. When the pot is boiling, cover the lid and lower the stove to medium heat. Cook for 7-8 minutes. Then pour out the hot water in the pot, wash or soak the boiled eggs with cold water until the temperature of the eggs is close to room temperature, then peel off the shells and put them aside. The purpose of cold water sprinkling is to reduce the difficulty of removing the egg shell, otherwise the egg shell will stick to the protein.

3. Remove the seeds from the red round peppers, wash them, and cut them into the shape of sails.

4. Split the eggs, scoop out the yolks and put them in a bowl for later use.

5. Take a ripe avocado and cut it around the hard core with a knife. Then break it gently with your hand, and the avocado will become two halves.

6. Scoop out half the avocado pulp and mix with the yolk. The proportion of three yolks and half of avocado is just right. The remaining half of avocado should be eaten as soon as possible, because it will be oxidized and discolored in two or three hours.

7. Season with a little salt and pepper. If it's for children, reduce salt and pepper. Mix the avocado and yolk with a spoon.

8. Assemble, put the avocado yolk back into the egg, use a small spoon to slightly adjust the shape, and then put the sail made of red pepper on it, the delicious invincible red pepper egg sailboat is finished. If you feel that the boat is a little lonely in the plate, you can put some washed sesame seeds under the boat.