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Sauerkraut, chicken and pepper

Sauerkraut fish is a common family recipe. This time, I tried chicken with sauerkraut boldly. I used the pickled green pepper in my home. It was very successful to change the soup without changing the ingredients.

1. Put a little oil in the pot to soak green pepper and stir fry ginger slices. Add chicken and stir fry.

2. After the chicken is discolored, add pickles and continue to stir fry to give the flavor. Add boiling water and let the fire boil.

3. Add salt, chicken essence, pepper and cook for 25 minutes. Drain the chicken and put it in the container.

4. Boil some oil in the pot, add green pepper and deep fry, add green pepper, bring out the fragrance of pepper, put the oil on the surface of chicken, sprinkle with scallion.