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Discard the sweetness and make a spicy glutinous rice lotus root

I changed spicy chicken nuomi lotus root from brown sugar nuomi lotus root. In the past, I never thought it was made into salty taste. The most one attempt was made into sweet osmanthus nuomi lotus root. This is a bold new attempt. This time, you can try to make spicy chicken nuomi lotus root. The flavor is totally different.


1. Lotus root uses a small brush to wash away the mud. We don't peel the lotus root. Cut it horizontally and vertically and take a vertical photo, so as to ensure that there is no leakage of rice music.

2. Cut 1 / 3 of the lotus root. Wash the lotus root and glutinous rice. I don't have any bubbles. I just use it.

3. Drain the water, cut the chicken breast meat into small pieces, put them into the cooking machine, beat them into minced glutinous rice, release the salt, sugar and white pepper, mix the chicken mince into the lotus root, close them, and insert the bamboo for fixation.

4. Put the spices into the pressure cooker, release the raw soy sauce, old soy sauce, cooking wine, salt, sugar and water to boil for 10 minutes, put the lotus root into the cooker, cook it to taste, slice it when eating.