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Try the sweet and sour eggplant juice radish meatball

It's a new attempt to make radish balls with sweet and sour eggplant juice. After deep frying, the balls are very fragrant, especially with coriander. They match the taste of radish very well. After pouring the sweet and sour juice, when it's hot, it's tender outside and inside. It's really like meat balls. This sweet and sour radish balls didn't disappoint me. Don't throw away the radish skin when eating radish. 98% of the calcium contained in radish skin is in radish skin. Therefore, it's better to eat radish with skin. Although radish is good, you should also pay attention to it when eating. Because of the cold nature of carrot, it's better to eat less if the spleen and stomach are weak, or if the body is weak. Radish is smooth, do not eat it after taking ginseng, raw and cooked land, Polygonum multiflorum and other tonics, or it will affect the efficacy.


1. Wash the radish, chop it (not too much), squeeze out the water, and chop the coriander. Put the chopped radish and coriander into the container, add egg, salt, chicken essence, five spice powder, onion and ginger, and mix well with flour.

2. Pour in vegetable oil, heat to 70% heat, squeeze the radish stuffing into small balls and put into the oil pan. Fry over medium heat until golden brown and done. Remove.

3、 Pour proper amount of water into the pot, put tomato sauce and sugar into the sauce and boil.

5. Thicken with water lake powder, pour in a proper amount of cooked oil, make tomato juice, pour the tomato juice on the balls, sprinkle with white sesame.