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Nanjing skin and stomach noodles are loose, soft and rotten at the entrance

If you want to eat delicious hot soup noodles, you can try Jiangsu's skin stomach noodles, which is also known as dry meat skin. It is made of dried pork skin and pig hind leg skin and back skin. The skin is firm and thick, with good swelling property, and the cortex of other parts is poor. The dried meat skin can be sliced and sliced after swelling. It is suitable for mixing, burning, grilling, making soup and other cooking methods.


1. First, carefully remove every fat on the meat skin, boil the meat skin with large pot of water until it is translucent, and then pull it up to dry in a ventilated place.

2. Fry in lard which is boiled with fat close to the skin of the meat, it will be fragrant.

3. First, put the noodles in the clear soup until they are seven ripe, then put them into the soup made of meat and bones, and sprinkle some anise, pepper, sugar, ginger powder, soy sauce and salt.

4. Then put in the tripe, shredded mustard, vegetable seedlings, tomato slices, shredded meat, monosodium glutamate, lard, and put in noodles when boiling. If you add some pepper, it will taste better.