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The way to make Sichuan fried crispy meat taste is very simple

It's a skill how to hang and fry the crispy meat. The reason is that the batter is too thin to hold the meat at all. In addition, some vegetable oil is not added to the batter, so it is not crisp enough to fry. Although it's a kind of unhealthy fried food, it's good to have a taste once in a while.


1. Cut the streaky pork, add sugar, cooking wine and soy sauce, mix well.

2. Take three garlic slices and dice them into 1 medium. Marinate them for one night or one morning.

3. Mix 300g of fried powder with water, add some salt and monosodium glutamate.

4. Add some oil, mix it into a paste, pour the marinated meat into the paste, and wrap the meat in the paste.

5. Pour in the oil in the pot, heat it, put in the paste one by one, fry until the paste is golden.