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Super delicious chicken curry

I have always been fond of curry in conditioning. Red curry is the most popular curry in Southeast Asia. It tastes spicy and heavy. Green curry is made of coriander, lime skin and other materials. It tastes sour and spicy. It's more delicious and not irritating. Yellow curry is mild and versatile. Generally speaking, the principle of coordination is that the curry with strong taste materials, such as red curry with beef and mutton, green curry with chicken, fish and seafood, and yellow curry with chicken, goat, pig and vegetable.


1. After cleaning the chicken legs, remove the bones. Cut the meat into about 5cm chunks. Cut the red tomato into four slices. Cut the Pleurotus eryngii into the same size chunks as the chicken for standby.

2. After the oil is hot, stir fry the chicken leg meat until it changes color and remove. Pour a small amount of salad oil into the pot, put in the red curry sauce, stir fry slowly with a small fire to make the fragrance, and then pour in a proper amount of boiling water (it is better to have no ingredients) and heat it up.

3. Pour in chicken leg, mushroom, red tomato and yellow tomato and cook for five minutes.

4, then add salt and sugar and cook for two minutes. Pour the coconut milk into the pot before cooking.