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No meat shadow in chicken and cabbage soup, only taste its fragrance

1. Remove muscle and membrane from chicken breast, cut chicken tendon into small pieces, and stir into minced meat;

2. Add the egg white, continue to stir, mix well;

3. Put the oil, salt, pepper and monosodium glutamate into the soup, and then put them into the minced chicken;

4. Stir into a thin paste. Cook the cabbage in the pot first. When it is cooked, remove the cabbage and then put some leaves on the bottom of the bowl;

5. Use a big fire to keep the water boiling, shovel the chicken paste with a shovel, put it into the boiling water, and then fish it in 30-40 seconds,

6. In turn, put it into a bowl padded with vegetable leaves, and then add soup.