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Bone and meat separation of braised chicken feet under chewing of lips and tongue

1. Put the cooking oil or corn oil into the frying pan after heating, and then stir fry the chicken feet that have been cut into tendons

2. Stir fry the sugar to color the chicken feet. There is a way to stir the sugar, so you can use the sugar to avoid soy sauce

3. After the sugar color is fried, add hot water, mix in about a spoonful of white wine, deodorize and fragrance, and then add octagonal spices, so the flavor will be more fragrant

4. Add ginger and garlic after boiling. Ginger and garlic are the most common seasoning and necessary for cooking meat. Keep 1 / 3 of the soup out of the pot,

5. Sprinkle some shallots before leaving the pot. The color and taste will stimulate your appetite more easily.