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Baked chicken with special sauce

1. Defrost and wash the chicken legs, remove the internal organs from the sternum, cut off the grease on the side of the chicken buttocks, and remove the bones.

2. Two spoons of soy sauce, one spoonful of white wine, a little fish sauce, one spoonful of white sugar, a little ginger powder mixed into juice and marinated in chicken leg for about 4 hours, or in refrigerator overnight.

3. After the chicken legs are marinated, remove the ginger powder on the surface and drain the water. Put it in the pot at 160 ℃ for 5-6 minutes,

4. Turn 180 degrees and fry for one minute to force out the oil. Turn off the fire and take out the drained oil.

5. Cut the chili and pepper, cut the garlic and ginger into pieces, and put in the sauce. Chop peanuts for use

6. Cut cabbage and cucumber and put them on the plate, cut chicken legs into pieces and put them on the plate,

7. Put the mixed juice into the pot, turn off the heat immediately after boiling, add peanut chips and stir, and pour them on the chicken legs before eating.