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Spicy beef and egg roll out creative food

Methods: 1. Slice garlic, cut shallot into small sections, slice mushroom, add water and starch to mix eggs (1 scoop of starch + 2 scoops of water).

2. Put the mushroom slices into the non stick pot and stir fry them to give the fragrance (no oil in the pot, just dry the pot).

3. Stir fry the beef slices until the mushrooms are fragrant,

4. Add garlic slices, soy sauce and spicy sauce to taste and stir evenly.

5. Stir fry the bean sprouts and scallions, pour in the sesame oil, and start the pot.

6. Spread the egg liquid into 3 pieces of egg skin, then add some fried beef,

7. Add coriander and roll it into spring roll, cut it into sections and set it on the plate.