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Fish fillet in tomato sauce

1. Remove the head and abdomen of the fish, remove the black film and internal organs in the belly, and then cut them into sections after cleaning.

2. Cut ginger into pieces, green and green, garlic into pieces, red pickled peppers into pieces.

3. Put the fish in the container, add wine, a small part of ginger foam, scallion and salt to marinate for 10 minutes, and let each piece of fish be evenly stained with dry starch.

4. Heat the pan, pour in more oil than usual, fry the fish in a medium or small heat, slowly till golden yellow on both sides, and remove.

5. Start the frying pan, put 1 tbsp peanut oil into it, heat the oil, and stir fry it over medium low heat. Add pickled peppers, ginger and garlic foam.

6. Stir fry tomato sauce and color it, add about 40ml of water, water starch powder and soy sauce into the bowl, and then pour into the pot.

7. Continue to boil the juice until it is bright and transparent.

8. Add the fried fish, turn it gently, or push the pan until the fish is evenly juiced, add the green and turn it twice, and it will be finished.