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Fresh cold dishes with shredded tofu

1. Cut the chives and ginger into thin shreds for use. The quantity of ginger shreds can be more and the flavor can be improved.

2. Unfold the dried tofu roll, cut into 10 cm long sections, and then cut into 1-2 mm thin silk.

3. The shredded tofu is immediately soaked in water and rinsed gently.

4. Change the water one or two times, rinse and soak until the water is clear.

5. Pour the soy sauce, sugar and sea rice into the small pot.

6. Add water.

7. After the seasoning is boiled in a small fire, cook for another two or three minutes, then turn off the fire and cool down for standby.

8. Prepare another large pot, add enough water, boil and blanch the dried bean for 1 minute, then remove. Use boiling water again. Take out the dried beans and control the water content with silk, and put them in the deep dish. Add shredded green onion and ginger and coriander. Pour the sauce on the table.