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Authentic Sichuan style chicken with stick in four steps

The best ingredients for this famous dish are fresh chicken and homemade chili oil. The authentic Sichuan Bangbang chicken is made of whole chicken, and there are many things to be stressed. The family simple version is relatively simple. The four steps of cooking chicken, beating with wooden stick, tearing by hand, and dressing are done. Dressing is the key.

1. In the pot, add water without chicken breast, add two pieces of ginger and onion, boil over high heat, turn to low heat and cook for about 8 minutes until the chicken is done;

2. Take out the cold boiled water, beat it gently with a wooden stick to make the meat soft, and then use your hands to break the meat into thin threads;

3. Cut scallion into thin shreds, spread them on the bottom of the plate, and put the chicken shreds on it;

4. Mix salt, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, vinegar, monosodium glutamate, chili oil, sesame paste, cooked sesame seeds and a spoonful of cold chicken soup into juice, and pour it on chicken shreds. You don't have to go to Sichuan to make a bony chicken in four steps.