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What kind of food is it

1. Dry and warm the lilies until they are in the shape of fresh lilies, wash them with clear water for standby; wash and drain the celery, draw the old tendons, pat them with the back of the knife and cut them into sections for standby;

2. Marinate the treated shrimps with a little salt, pepper and cooking wine (about 10 minutes), sprinkle with a small spoon of raw meal and mix well;

3. Heat the pot, pour in onion oil (more), when the oil temperature is about 50%, the shrimp in the second half of the pot will quickly slide, and the shrimp will change color to control the oil;

4. Leave a little oil in the wok, stir fry 1 medium celery, stir fry the lily until it's broken, add some salt to taste, pour in 3 medium shrimps, add 1 scoop of homemade mixed soy sauce, stir up the materials in the wok, and then start the wok.

Chef's advice: fried shrimp is similar to fried beef. If you want the meat to be tender and delicious, it's very important to have oil temperature. Heat the oil in a hot pot, and use the way of frying!