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Simple steps to make Taiwan's gold medal gourmet melon seed meat

Friends who love to eat meat must not miss this quick dish, melon seed meat, almost the same name as the braised meat rice, which is very suitable for the dishes with white rice. A bowl of melon seed meat can easily wipe out a pot of white rice. It can be called the "king of pork'0.5cm". After the stir frying and stewing, the fat in the meat almost melts, and the entrance is fragrant but not greasy. Wan's Jinlan soy sauce and her mother's crisp pickled melon have all kinds of raw materials, so she decided to have a try and stew a pot of white rice. The meat of the melon seeds was poured on the rice while it was hot, and then a spoonful of broth, which was absolutely delicious.


1. Wash 500g streaky pork with skin, cut into 0.5cm square Diced Pork with skin, and 100g crispy pickled melon into Diced Pork.

2. Heat the wok, pour in a small amount of cooking oil, put in Diced Pork. Stir fry the streaky pork over medium heat until it turns white and turns into oil.

3. In another pot, add a little cooking oil, stir fry garlic, add Diced Pork and stir fry.

4. Add rice wine, soy sauce, Jinlan soy sauce / soy sauce, soy melon sauce and pepper to the pot, stir fry to taste.

5. Pour in hot water again. It's about 3cm before the diced meat is cooked. Add diced squash in soy sauce.

6. Add the sugar and cook until melted. Pour the meat and broth into the casserole, simmer for about 30 minutes, and cook until the meat is thick and soft.

7. Stew a pot of rice in advance, and then make it covered and watered.