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The method that tofu is better than meat

Tofu in the hands of the cook can be changeable. You can put on any taste of the coat, or hemp or spicy or delicious or exciting. It can be said that tofu tastes better than meat. It depends on how to cook it. There are a lot of Douchi in the dace can, and you have eaten up the flavor of the fish. Use it with red oil and hot sauce, sprinkle a handful of shallots, then a few red peppers, stir fry and sprinkle in the steamed tofu Li, don't mention how delicious it is.


1. Choose a piece of tofu, a proper amount of Douchi, a handful of shallots, and 2-3 red peppers. Cut the tofu into thin slices with a thickness of about 0.8cm.

2. Size evenly on the plate, sprinkle a little salt, steam on the steaming drawer for about 8 minutes.

3. At the same time, heat the wok and stir fry the Douchi, scallion and red pepper. Add two spoonfuls of red oil and chili sauce, stir fry over low heat.

4. Take out the steamed tofu, pour the sauce into the plate, sprinkle a little green onion.