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How can tomato pimple soup be imperfect

The delicious tomato pimple soup is a cure. It's not only delicious, but also makes me warm immediately. It's really cold this morning. I want to share this delicious food with you. Not only do I love it, but last time they came to my house as guests, they didn't have enough to make a pot. The popularity can be seen as high, mainly simple.

1. Cut the green onion into scallion, cut the Flammulina mushroom into small pieces, cut the coriander into small pieces, cut the tomato into cross blades and scald the skin with hot water.

2. Cut the tomatoes into pieces. Stir the flour with chopsticks.

3. Stir it into this shape. Make oil in the pot and stir onion.

4. Put in the tomatoes and stir in the red oil. Beat up the eggs.

5. Stir fried tomatoes into three bowls of water, like to drink soup can be added, add mushrooms section.

6. When the soup in the pot boils, turn down the heat and keep it boiling. Pour in the mixed dough (left hand end bowl, right hand chopsticks while stirring and sprinkle into the pot).

7. Put in salt and a little soy sauce. It's ok if you don't put it. Put the broken eggs into the pot and stir them slowly. Drizzle with sesame oil before leaving the pot. If you like pepper, add a little pepper. Sprinkle with coriander at last.