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Homemade egg custard for cake like delicacy

This egg custard is not just for sharing with my mothers. I hope all the office workers can make nutritious and delicious breakfast quickly. The milk box warm water is used in this delicious egg soup. The ratio of egg to liquid is 1:1.5. The ratio of milk to warm boiled water can be adjusted according to your preference


1. Wash the eggs with water, knock them into a bowl, break them up with chopsticks, and pour in 70g warm boiled water.

2. Then pour 200 grams of heated pure milk to dry. Stir with chopsticks in one direction until even.

3. Filter it with a filter screen, and slowly pour the filtered egg milk liquid into a glass container.

4. Seal the plastic film, put cold water into the steamer and cover it, turn the water on and steam for 10 minutes, turn off the heat.

5. Take out the fresh juice and sesame oil which have been watered up.