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Come to a bowl of single bibimbap, don't hurt the single you

Why should I name the delicacy as single bibimbap? In fact, I thought my friends had gone on a date at that time. There was only rice left at home, but I couldn't complain that I was not. I had a big meal, anyway, I felt fragrant at that time.


1. Dice carrot, celery, mushroom and purple broccoli, chop up soybean meat, soak laver with water, squeeze out water, and then chop. Fry the raw peanuts and chop them. Stir fry white sesame seeds over low heat.

2. Heat up the oil, stir fry the soybean meat until it is yellowish, then stir fry the carrot and mushroom until cooked.

3. Finally, start to mix rice, put in all the above processed ingredients, add sesame oil, salt, mushroom essence, and mix well.