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Burning method of sweet and sour lotus root

If you eat too much cold lotus root, you can change the way to choose sweet and sour lotus root chops. It's the name of the brand market, but you only need lotus root with some tomatoes and some color vegetables and pepper.


1. Lotus root strips, sprinkle with dried flour and mix well, so that it's easier to hang them on the back. In addition, it's better to choose two intact lotus roots to keep them clean.

2. Mixing: the proportion of flour and raw meal is 2:1. Put a little salt, oil and baking powder (yeast can also be used if there is no one), and mix into a mixed shape. Wrap the lotus root strips and fry them in an oil pan until crispy. Pay attention to the oil temperature when frying.

3. Heat a little oil in another pot, pour in tomato sauce about 3-4 tbsp, add a small amount of white vinegar, sugar, water, stir fry, taste whether the acid and sweetness are suitable for the taste, then pour in pepper and tomato, turn to a small fire, and use a small amount of water starch to hook up the shape, finally pour the fried lotus root into the pot, turn to a big fire, stir fry quickly and evenly out of the pot.