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Baby's favorite steamed dumpling

Although the most wonderful thing in the dumpling feast is the steamed dumpling with four happiness, it is also the favorite of the babies. I think the parents should learn to make this delicious food. First of all, you choose the good-looking food to increase the appetite of the baby. The choice of four vegetables can also be based on nutrition. Why not?

1. Put the oil in the pan, pour the chopped onion into the stir fry, pour in the curry and stir to make the curry color.

2. Then pour the onion curry into the pork stuffing, add some chopped onion, stir well, and put it in the refrigerator for use.

3. Break up the eggs and spread them into egg skin. Soak the agaric in water to make it soft. Cut the carrot, agaric, celery and egg into pieces.

4. Put flour in the bowl, stir in boiling water, knead into dough, cover and wake up for 15 minutes.

5. Take it out and divide it into eight parts. Take one of them and roll them out. Put them into the meat filling.

6. Pinch the middle of the two sides, and then pinch the middle of the other two sides to make the exposed mouth bigger.

7. The four sides should be extended to reveal the meat filling inside, and the shape should be pinched to put four different colors of filling.

8. Put carrot slices on the bottom, steamed dumplings on the top, cover and steam for about 7 minutes.