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Pickled fish in bone soup

My friend would like to eat fish with pickled vegetables. Without food, I had to stew a pot of fish with bone soup at home. I didn't expect it to be so delicious. The pickled fish are delicious when it's hot. After reheating, they have no taste. It's better to make the unfinished fish into a hot pot.


1. Grass carp to scale to viscera wash (be sure to wash the black film inside the belly of the fish), and then cut off the fins. Cut off the head and cut it in half from the middle. The knife sticks to the fish bone and slices it from the fish tail into the fish meat. The fish skin under the slice faces down. The knife cuts the fish fillet at a 45 degree angle about 0.5cm, and the fish fillet grows about 5cm.

2. Add salt, cooking wine, egg white, shredded green onion, shredded ginger and dry starch into the sliced grass carp and marinate for 10 minutes. In another bowl, marinate the fish head and bones with shredded onion and ginger and cooking wine for 10 minutes. Wash the pickled vegetables, cut them into shreds and dry them.

3. Put the oil in the pot and heat it. Put the marinated fish slices into the pot and fry them to change color (broken raw). Then put the fish head and bones into the pot and fry them to change color.

4. In the other pot, add oil to cook to 140 & deg; C, add pickled vegetables, wild peppers, ginger slices and scallions, stir fry them, add fresh soup (I use bone soup) and bring to a boil, then pour in fish head and bones, add cooking wine and pepper to boil again to taste, then put in fish slices and cook them, put them into a big soup bowl, and sprinkle them with scallions.

5. In the other pot, heat the oil to 130 & deg; C, stir fry the garlic and pour over the fish fillet.