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Super popular healthy snacks for babies

My friends who have babies at home should know that they can't stop eating. They don't like staple food and snacks. In autumn, I dare not let her eat at random, so I made this delicious golden chicken ball, which is very popular with her. In fact, I love eating too!

1. Wash the chicken breast and drain the water. Chop it into delicate paste. Cut the ginger and garlic.

2. Add egg white, cooking wine, sesame oil, black pepper, salt and sugar into the chicken mash (add egg white to make the chicken ball taste tender, but not much, otherwise it will be difficult to shape).

3. Mix the chicken to make balls and roll them in the starch. Keep rolling in the whole egg.

4. Finally, roll the breadcrumbs to make the balls stick to the breadcrumbs. (these three steps should be completed continuously).

5. When the oil is 80-90% hot, put the balls in and fry until golden.

6. Use kitchen paper to suck off the extra oil. Eat while it's hot. It's crispy and delicious.