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Home style braised fish with three scales

Three scales are a kind of carp. There are three relatively thick scales on it, so it is named three scales. This carp is generally fat, and its meat is very delicious. Its bones are moderate. There are scales on both sides near the fins and in the middle near the tail, and there are only three pieces of phosphorus in the middle. But we are often worried about how to cook three scales. Today, we share a simple way to make cooking easier.


1. Wash the fish off scales, fins and internal organs, and hit a few flower knives on the opposite side of the fish.

2. Put ginger and onion into the sauce and marinate with soy sauce and cooking wine for 10 minutes.

3. Take out the sundries after marinating.

4. Heat the pan and pour in the oil. Stir fry the scallion, seasoning and garlic into the pan to make the flavor. Then put the fish into the pan and pour in the soy sauce