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I also have nine habits of self-made nine turn large intestine

Why is it called jiuzhuan large intestine? A friend asked me if I know why I call this delicacy of famous Shandong cuisine jiuzhuan large intestine? In fact, the initial name of jiuzhuan large intestine is braised large intestine. Some literati poets know that the founder has a good match of jiuzhuan large intestine, which is named "jiuzhuan large intestine" to cater to the shopkeeper.


1. Wash the pig large intestine, rub it inside and outside with 50g vinegar and a little salt, remove the mucilage and dirt, rinse it, put it into a boiling pot, add onion, ginger and wine, stew it and cook it, remove it and cut it into 3cm long sections, then put it into a boiling pot, blanch it and drain it.

2. Heat the wok over medium heat, pour in lard and bring to 70% heat. Fry the large intestine until it is red. Leave 25g of oil in the pot, fry the minced onion, ginger and garlic, cook vinegar, add soy sauce, sugar, clear soup, refined salt and Shaoxing wine, quickly stir fry the intestines, transfer to a low temperature fire, when the soup is tight, put pepper, cinnamon and amomum noodles, pour pepper oil on them, turn them over evenly, put them in the dish, sprinkle with cilantro.