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Home cooked tofu, fish and meat have to give in

If you want to make a home-made tofu that can beat big fish and big meat, you should first choose to fry tofu. You should scald the tofu with boiling water in advance. When you fry it, it will not be easy to fry it. If you use a pan, it will save oil.

Home cooked tofu method:

1. Heat the tofu in boiling water and cut into small pieces.

2. Slice green peppers, cut red peppers into circles, cut scallion, ginger and garlic into pieces.

3. Mix the sauce with soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, vinegar, salt and wet starch.

4. Heat the oil in the pot to 5 layers, fry the tofu over low heat until both sides are golden.

5. Cook in the seasoned sauce and sprinkle with chopped onion, ginger and garlic.

6. Stir fry the green and red peppers.