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Why the name of homemade fire remains in ancient books

In ancient times, the name of "disaster relief cake" was used in the fire. Tao Gu of the Northern Song dynasty recorded one of the worst pancakes in China, the disaster relief cake, in the book "qingyilu & middot; sumono gate". Moreover, this disaster relief cake is for the emperor to eat, and the emperor has to eat it. Usually, the ancient literati collected and recorded the delicious food, while Taogu in the Northern Song Dynasty painstakingly swallowed the "disaster relief cake" in Tang Dynasty when he escaped from the disaster, cleverly sandwiched in the delicious food to warn the future generations, with profound intention.


1. Dissolve the right amount of fermentation powder in a bowl of 40 ℃ warm water. Use the water to mix the noodles. The noodles should be as soft as possible (more water will make the noodles soft). Cover with wet cloth or plastic wrap, then cover with a pot cover, put it in a warm place and wait for fermentation. The temperature of the suitable dough is about 30 degrees. It will not be suitable after a few days of cold weather.

2. About two hours later, when the dough is twice the size, you can start making the pie embryo. Because the dough is soft, it's a little sticky. It doesn't matter. Roll the dough with a layer of dry flour. Speaking of this, I remember that there are always students in the South who ask how to make pasta too sticky. In fact, the students who often make pasta know that when making pasta, we should prepare another bowl of dry flour, called "Bo mian", which is sprinkled on the board at any time to prevent sticking. For example, when rolling out the dumpling skin, both sides of the pasta should be coated with thin flour and then rolled out to prevent sticking on the board and rolling stick. This detail has not been mentioned before, I think you all know.

3. Sprinkle a thin layer of flour on the chopping board, roll the dough into a big cake, sprinkle a layer of pepper powder and a certain amount of salt on the cake, and then roll a roll with a rolling pin to make pepper powder and salt firmly stick on the cake.

4. Put another layer of vegetable oil on and roll up the dough. The purpose of applying oil is to make the cake layered, otherwise the dough will stick together after rolling up.

5. Cut the rolled dough into small pieces.

6. Pinch the two ends tightly, press them into small cakes at will, and then roll them thin.

7. Heat the pan, brush a layer of oil, put in the cake embryo, cover the pan cover, and simmer for two minutes. If your pan cover is glass, you can see that the dough slightly starts to thicken, and there is a layer of fine beads of water in the pan cover. Turn it over, cover the pot and simmer for about three minutes. When pancakes are baked, the fragrance of pepper is constantly wafting out. It's really greedy. Pay attention to cover the pot cover when baking the pancake, so that the water vapor will not run away, and the pancake will be soft. If the baked cake is not eaten immediately, it should be put in a covered pot to keep warm and moisturize, so that it is still hot to eat when all the pancakes are finished.