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Fish fillets have been able to make beauty laugh since ancient times

It's a delicacy that has gone back to the world. At present, it's very popular for the emperor to make a birthday for his concubine in ancient times, and for Dai Li, the spy head of the military, to go all out of his way to win the hearts of the beauties. It's really beautiful.


1. Wash the yellow croaker, remove the bones, cut it into thin slices, add salt, egg white and dry starch, mix well, and then put them into the refrigerator for a while. Scald the fungus with boiling water and spread it in a bowl.

2. Put lard in the pan. When it's 30% hot, scatter the fillets in the pan. When the fillets float and turn white, scoop them up with a leaky spoon and drain the oil.

3. Put fresh soup and refined salt in the original pot, gently put the fish fillet into the pot, boil it with a small fire, skim off the froth, add the bittern, sugar, refined salt and monosodium glutamate, gently shake the pot, then slowly pour the water starch into the thicken sauce, lift the pot and turn the fish fillet over, pour 10 grams of hot lard on it, and then put it out of the pot in a bowl filled with agaric.