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Feast guest delicacies crispy fat intestines delicious and beautiful

I can't express the magnanimity of drinking and eating, but it's no surprise to make a delicious food that can achieve this situation. Crispy and fat intestines is a northeast characteristic dish with ruddy color and delicious taste. It's a delicious meal for a banquet.

Spicy and crispy

1. Prepare large intestine and coriander

2. The first step to deal with the large intestine is to take out the large intestine without adding any water and cut it into proper sections so as to facilitate cleaning

3. Pour in the dry flour and start to knead the surface and the interior together. Knead the extra lard and impurities out

4. After kneading the large intestine, pour it into a clean basin, and then into a bowl, continue kneading ~ ~ ~ to make the quality of the intestine cleaner and clearer

5. Remember to clean with warm water. Wash the large intestine with warm water for 2-3 times

6. Put ginger, onion, vinegar and cooking wine in the pot

7. Boil the water and put in the washed pig large intestine. Cook for 40 minutes

8. Clean the cooked large intestine again

9. Cut the pig large intestine into small pieces and pour them into the pot to dry fry

10. Cut up the chili and onion

11. Stir fry pepper and anise in oil

12. Pour in the pepper and saute the fat intestines

13. Stir fried and bubbling in the pot

14. After the oil is dry fried, add the dried peppers and shallots, a spoonful of salt, chicken essence cooking wine, and red oil. Stir fry.