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How to make pig heart delicious? Simple cooking can also make star delicious

How to make pig's heart delicious? The most important thing to make delicious pig's liver is to soak it in cold water. You must soak it for a while, change the water during the period, and you'd better knead and squeeze it with your hands, so that the blood and water during the period can be removed more clean, and the color of the boiled pig's heart and liver will be beautiful, and there is no fishy smell.


1. Cut the cooked pig heart into 2 mm thick slices, and cut the three kinds of peppers into small triangular pieces.

2. Put vegetable oil in wok, heat pig heart and onion, stir fry for half a minute.

3. Stir fry pepper powder and ginger powder in soy sauce to make it fragrant, then add a little water.

4. Stir fry 3 kinds of chillies, then add salt and garlic to the chilli.

5. Pour in starch water, thicken with a little sesame oil and turn off the heat.