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How to make Shanghai dish and stir fry double mud? The ingenious usage of yam in Shanghai dish

How to make the stir fried double mud of Shanghai cuisine? The stir fried double mud in Shanghai recipe ingeniously combines yam and red bean, which is a delicious dessert without fattening.

1. Wash the yam, steam it with high fire, take it out, peel off the skin, press it into fine mud with the back of the knife, the finer the better. Wash the red beans and put them into the pot, add water and boil them, then burn them in a warm fire, remove the shells with a mesh screen, pour the precipitated sand into the gauze distribution, and drain the water.

2. The wok is heated with a wet fire. After the wok is oiled, leave the remaining oil, put the yam puree, add 75g of lard and 100g of white sugar, and stir continuously with an iron spoon until the yam puree is dried and does not stick to the wok. You can start the wok and put it into one side of the pan. Put a little lard and white sugar in the wok, and then put the yam puree into the wok, stir fry the yam puree into the other side of the pan, which is double mud.

Tips - food match:

Yam: yam and kansui should not be taken together, nor should they be taken together with basic drugs.

Adzuki Bean: carp and adzuki bean are boiled together, both of which can benefit water and reduce swelling. The effect is very good when they are used for the treatment of nephritis and edema, but it is because the function of benefiting water is too strong. Normal people should avoid eating both at the same time, try to eat them every few hours. Whether they can eat the same depends on people's physical conditions.