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How to eat Japanese tofu? Various methods of Japanese tofu cooking

How to eat Japanese tofu? The official name of 'Japanese tofu' is also called lactone tofu, and the planner of 'Japanese tofu' successfully introduced the trust of Chinese people in the quality of Japanese products into their own creativity. It's really smart! The smooth eggs are mixed with foreign sentiment, which will easily conquer consumers.


1. Cut the Japanese tofu from the middle, pour it out and cut into 1 cm long segments for use. Wash the vegetables for use;

2. Put more oil in the hot pot. When it's 70 or 80% hot, put the Japanese tofu in, and be careful of splashing oil;

3. Use a shovel to gently (because Japanese tofu is easy to be broken) to stir, spread the tofu evenly, sprinkle some salt on it, and let it fry;

4. On the other side, scald the vegetables in boiling water. It's going to be done, but don't change color. After scalding, put them in order around the plate (for decoration, of course, they can also be eaten);

5. Gently turn the tofu over with a shovel and continue to fry. Turn the bean curd on the other side for a while, so that the two sides of the bean curd are almost the same color and look better;

6. Fry until the color turns golden, then add some chicken essence to make it out of the pot, and put it in the middle of the small green vegetables.

Braised Japanese Tofu with Vegetables


1. Japanese tofu is cut from the middle, poured out and cut into small sections (each tofu is cut into 6 small sections, ha ha, my Dao skill, there are big and small ones).

2. The green and red peppers should be cleaned, seeded and cut into small pieces.

3. Pour the flour into the plate, pour the Japanese tofu in, and carefully wrap the tofu with a layer of flour.

4. Put the oil in the pot until it's very hot. You can take one piece and put it in to try the oil temperature. Put the tofu in it and it will float immediately. That proves that the oil temperature is OK.

5. Keep frying on medium heat, fry for 2 minutes and wait for tofu to set, then gently turn over the hedge to make tofu evenly heated.

6. Fry until the tofu turns golden, then drain.

7. Pour the oil and use the remaining oil in the pot to make it fragrant and scallion white.

8. Put in green and red peppers and stir fry.

9. Put the Japanese tofu in, and be careful not to break it with a shovel when turning it.

10. Add oyster sauce and soy sauce.

11. Add water and chicken essence to the leftover raw powder just used for tofu coating, and then add in

12. Cover the pot and simmer for 2 minutes, carefully mix well, let each piece of Japanese tofu dip in the sauce.