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How to make fish with sour vegetables to relieve the heat? The latest method of fish with sour veget

How to make sour vegetable fish to relieve the heat? The unique cooking method of Sichuan sour vegetable fish has been extremely loved by us. It can be said that it has a very important position in the whole country. Today, Xiaobian explains the method of sour vegetable fish to you.

1. The fresh grass carp must be used to make soup and dishes. The whole fish can also be put into the dishes. The gills and internal organs can be removed. The nails can be removed and cleaned. The knives on both sides can be cut into two sections obliquely. When the fish is put into the soup bowl, they can be aligned.

2. Don't fry the whole fish hard, just remove the fishy smell with oil. Cook fish with fire to make white milk soup. After the pickled vegetables are cooked for a long time, the color of the soup is black and dark, and the taste of the soup is poor.


1. Clean the fish, remove the head and tail, and then cut the fish into two parts. Then, use a knife to slant the fish into half centimeter thick slices.

2. Beat up the ginger, put it in a porcelain basin with the fish slices, and pour in the cooking wine, egg white, onion and starch. Mix well with your hands, and taste. Cut the garlic into garlic rice for use, and cut the dried pepper into sections.

3. Put the frying pan on the stove and light up the fire. Pour the salad oil into the pan until it is 50% hot. Put in the garlic rice and pickled vegetables. Wait for the pickled vegetables and garlic rice to stir fry. Put in the cold bone soup, cooking wine and a teaspoon of wild pepper, Chinese prickly ash and dried pepper. Sprinkle a little salt into the tasty fish slices and mix well. Then pour into the pan and cook until the soup is yellow green. Then put in the chicken essence, melted lard oil and pepper, Put it in a soup bowl and it's done.